Ms. Rasnic
Pre-AP English II


Welcome to Pre-AP English II at Edmond North High School. I know we will have a fantastic year. I have great plans for us and expect great things from each and every student in my classroom. I expect each of you to take an active role in the process of your education. It is up to you to do your best work every day. I also want you to know that my door is always open for student concerns. If you are having trouble or are unhappy for any reason involving our classroom, please make time to visit me during tutorial or after school to address problems. With that stated, allow me to outline the objectives for this course.

Ms. Rasnic's Pre-AP English II class should satisfy the following purposes:
  1. The first purpose is to satisfy the requirements of the curriculum as set by the Edmond Public School System and the state of Oklahoma.
  2. Secondly, the English II curriculum is designed to prepare students for the End of Instruction exam (EOI) in English.
  3. The third is to prepare you for the rest of your academic career and adult life through improving your reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.
  4. Most importantly, I hope you grow as a thoughtful, intellectual, and independent learner as you are exposed to a variety of literature and new thoughts and ideas. I want you to be a thinker!

Office Hours and Communication:

Communication is so important for success in the classroom. Please feel free to meet with me over any of your classroom concerns. I am at school from 7:30 to 3:30 through the school week. You can also meet with me during tutorial, guided study, or by appointment. Information about this course, assignments and important dates can be found online at http://www.rasnic.com/wiki. I can also be reached through email at Jackie.Rasnic@edmondschools.net.


The curriculum is broken down into 10 units. Please organize your English binder to reflect these units. Each unit focuses on literature or essay writing. Many units will be comprised of both. You will be tested over vocabulary, literary terminology, and important ideas and concepts with every unit. The units are as follows:
  1. Personal Narrative: Where I come from is like this...
  2. Evaluative essay of Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  3. Animal Farm
  4. Julius Caesar: Shakespearean Tragedy
  5. Things Fall Apart
  6. Research Paper
  7. Candide & "A Modest Proposal": A Study in Satire
  8. Greek Tragedy: Oedipus & Antigone
  9. Arthurian Legend
  10. Poetry Portfolio



Grades will be figured from daily work, quizzes, tests, projects, presentations, and essays. Every week grades are calculated and turned in for eligibility purposes. If your grade is below a 70%, it is your responsibility to meet with me in tutorial or guided study until the grade has been raised. Those students not making any attempt to stay above a 70% will meet with Principal Pittenger to make a plan for improvement.

Grading Scale
A = 90-100
B = 80-89
C = 70-79
D = 60-69
F = Below 60

Assignment Weight Distribution
1st & 2nd Semester
Essays = 25%
Tests, Quizzes & Projects = 25%
Daily Grades & Homework = 25%
Benchmark = 5%
Semester Final = 20%

If you have questions about your grades or feel that your grade does not reflect the quality of the work you turned in, please make time to discuss the matter with me.

Classroom Procedures:

We have many procedures in the classroom that help make the class run more smoothly and efficiently. It is important that we all work together to make the room a comfortable, friendly atmosphere to work in.
  1. Class Begins - Be in class on time! When the bell rings, you should be in the room with your materials and ready to work. Otherwise, you are considered tardy. 3 Tardies = 1 Absence. Please check the board when you enter the room to check for daily assignment instructions.
  2. Cell Phones & Electronic Devices - Cell phones, electronic and music playing devices are not to be used during class. If you are found using these devices without permission during class, the device will be taken away and you will automatically be assigned detention. Electronic devices which interfere with instruction will be turned over to the principal's office. At that time, a parent will have to retrieve the item from the office.
  3. Food & Drink - You may have food and drink in the classroom under one condition. KEEP THE ROOM CLEAN! Do not leave bottles, wrappers, crumbs or miscellaneous garbage in my room. When I find garbage in my classroom at the end of the day, ALL CLASSES WILL LOSE FOOD/DRINK PRIVILEGES!
  4. Hall Pass/Leaving the Classroom - ALWAYS SIGN OUT WHEN YOU LEAVE THE ROOM - YOU HAVE FIVE MINUTES. The hall pass is located at the back of the room with a sign-out sheet. If you need to leave the classroom to use the bathroom or otherwise, take the pass, sign out with your name, time and destination, then leave quietly. When you return, put the pass back in its place, and sign back in with the time. Only one student may leave the room at a time. Do not leave during a test or quiz - this will result in a zero. Be wise about choosing when to leave the classroom. Do not interrupt my teaching to ask to leave the room. If you are not responsible enough to use this privilege wisely, there will be consequences. Leaving the room without a pass will result in detention.
  5. Absences - If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up any missing work. There is a monthly calendar in the room outlining each day's assignment. As well, there is a weekly work rack in the back of the room with daily assignments. And finally, calendars and assignments can be found online at www.rasnic.com/wiki. There is no reason for you not to know what you are missing. If you are confused, I will help you get caught up during tutorial or guided study. Do not interrupt my teaching to ask about missing or late work.
  6. Missing/Late Work - This is a Pre-AP class. Expectations are high and course work is designed to prepare students for AP courses and college. Therefore, turn in assignments when they are due. Late assignments will, at the most, receive half credit. Do not expect credit on assignments more than one week late. As well, students who do not have drafts ready for editing will receive detention. Not having drafts ready for editing affects not only you, but also your peers. Therefore, do not come to class unprepared.
  7. Emergency Procedures - In the event of an emergency or drill, all students need to listen to me and follow my instructions. I will lead you to the designated safe area. During fire drills, you need to leave with the class in an orderly fashion and stay within my visual range so that I can account for you.


I expect great attitudes and great work from every student. I request the following from every one of you.
  1. RESPECT - I believe that when one shows respect and courtesy, it will come back to her/him. You are expected to respect every person in the room, including yourself. Be nice to your classmates, to me, to the room, and to everything in it. Do not interrupt me while I am teaching. Do not interrupt others while they are speaking. Be a good listener. Even if you disagree with someone, be courteous and appropriate.
  2. ATTITUDE - Take a moment to consider the role you play in your own education. How much do you matter when it comes to your own learning? Come to class prepared and willing to learn every day. This means you should have your materials with you and your homework completed. You should be ready to answer questions and actively participate in class discussions. Headphones, phones, CD/MP3 players, games, calculators, and/or cards should not be seen or heard. This is disrespectful and shows a lack of positive attitude.
  3. WORK - This is school. You should be prepared to do great work every day. I expect the very best and I will soon know what you are capable of. I also expect you to use class time wisely to do what you are supposed to be doing. Every essay, every assignment and every test should be your best effort. I believe in you - but more importantly - I hope you believe in you!

Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior:

I hope that each of you will always be upstanding and goodhearted. But if you are not, there are consequences for you. Most inappropriate behavior results in detention, either tutorial or before school. Failure to serve your assigned detention will lead to a special meeting with you and an administrator. If behavior problems become a serious situation, we will schedule a meeting for you, a principal, your parents, and me as to figure out what the problem is and how to solve it. Your parents can and will be called by me at any time that I feel you are not working at your full potential or behaving properly in the classroom.

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